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ADSP-2101TG-50 $220.00
AD549SH/883B $48.00
OP07AZ/883 $12.00
AD1674TD/883B $118.00
AD421BR 60.00
ADSP-BF531SBST... 68.00
5962-8853901EA 450.00
AD526SD/883B 650.00
42094-005 1050.00
AD9430BSVZ-210 1150.00
AD7943BR 35.00
AD8552AR 16.00
AD8551AR 9.00
AD620SQ/883B 190.00
PSOT05LC 2.80
PSM712 9.80
AD620AN 16.50
AD780AR 38.0
AD637JQ 70.000
OP27AZ/883C 220.00
PSOT03C 2.00
AD8307ARZ 58.00
MT8816AE 22.00
AD586JQ 26.00
42095-012 1050.00
AD7416ARZ 4.80
AD2S80AJD 960.00
ADUC812BS 58.00
ADSP-BF533SBBC... 158.00
MAX705ESA+ ***
ADM202EARNZ 4.60
OP295GS 18.00
OP07CS 4.80
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Intelligent Power Modules/Integrated Circuits
General Purpose ICs
Audio - Digital Audio Driver/Aerospace & Defense

ProTek Devices, based in Tempe, Arizona USA, is a manufacturer of Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) products designed specifically for the protection of electronic systems from the destructive effects of Lightning, Electrostatic Discharge (ESD), Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP) and Inductive Switching.  With 25 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, ProTek designs TVS devices that provide application specific protection solutions for any type of electronic system such as   GBLC03C-LF-T7、GBLC05C-LF-T7、GBLC08C-LF-T7、GBLC24C-LF-T7、PSOT PSOT03C-LF-T7、PSOT05C-LF-T7、PSOT12C-LF-T7、PSOT15C-LF-T7、PSRDA3.3-4-LF-T7、SLVU2.8-4-LF-T7、SMF05C-LF-T7 PLR0504F

Intersil Corporation, a NASDAQ 100 Index company, is a global technology leader specializing in the design and manufacture of high performance analog semiconductors. Based in Milpitas, California, Intersil mission is to become a premier high performance analog company. Built on a solid foundation, with many years of analog experience, the companys continued focus on leading in attractive high performance analog markets ?while increasing profitability and cash flow ?will provide Intersil a sustainable long-term model for success.

High Reliability Semiconductor Products/High Performance Analog
/Mixed Signal Products/High Performance Analog/Mixed Signal Products

Amplifiers and Comparators/Analog to Digital Converters/Digital to Analog Converters/Power Management/Broadband Products

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