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ADSP-2101TG-50 $220.00
AD549SH/883B $48.00
OP07AZ/883 $12.00
AD1674TD/883B $118.00
AD421BR 60.00
ADSP-BF531SBST... 68.00
5962-8853901EA 450.00
AD526SD/883B 650.00
42094-005 1050.00
AD9430BSVZ-210 1150.00
AD7943BR 35.00
AD8552AR 16.00
AD8551AR 9.00
AD620SQ/883B 190.00
PSOT05LC 2.80
PSM712 9.80
AD620AN 16.50
AD780AR 38.0
AD637JQ 70.000
OP27AZ/883C 220.00
PSOT03C 2.00
AD8307ARZ 58.00
MT8816AE 22.00
AD586JQ 26.00
42095-012 1050.00
AD7416ARZ 4.80
AD2S80AJD 960.00
ADUC812BS 58.00
ADSP-BF533SBBC... 158.00
MAX705ESA+ ***
ADM202EARNZ 4.60
OP295GS 18.00
OP07CS 4.80
  About Us

 Xian hongfei technology co.itd , of the greatest strength electronic components distributors and spotssells protect electric product of ADI and transit voltage suppressor product of protection. it is the  agency of CSI(SDC/RDC) and another famous brand IC/defend thunder product /importation instrument/special instrument. It sales Brand-name products around the world and offers system-sales supply services..
    since it has been established in 1993, the company already have a lot of inventory spot and many customer groups through unremitting efforts and expanding. Hongfei  put the interests of customers in the first place, the long-term cooperative relationship in important status, the reliable products as the root, the business-to be honest as the foundation and effectively create a good atmosphere with the customer for cooperation .Hongfei has 3 advantages over the others : we are  willing to help people buying difficult or obsolete IC.; we also develop on series data acquisition And series product of dread the thunder  by  ourselves ;We are take in development of any series data acquisition, DSP card, intellect electric and paravane systems, free of charge for lot of order.;
   HongFei after several years hard-working ,  customer all over the country. Concern trade:scientific research,industrial control,communication Metallurgy ,prospect,oil well production,well logging, and so much soldiery filed ,our company create diversity of development space all the time.
   In order to get used to the fast development of the technologic research as well as application and the intense market competition,we always do our best to cultivate staff quality and we continue a heritage of .The service aim which is persuing quality,streesing reputation,delivering on time and setting reasonable prices to satisfy your need from the model of the product,technologic scheme to manufacture.
   The reliance and supporting  of the customer achieved todays hongfei !!! all of our company thanks you  a lot.! We are  willing to develop with you and to create the peak of the cause hand in hand.

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